Friday, September 11, 2009

Men dating older women

Why are men reluctant to consider dating women a few years older than them...especially if they have a lot in common? I'd love to hear men's views on this. I was married for 15 years, divorced at 41, and then dated for 9 years before meeting the man who'd turn out to be my 2nd husband when I was 50.

I'm in very good shape, have a ton of energy, and look years younger than I am, so I felt I'd be most compatible with a guy either my age or a bit younger. But while I was dating online at age 49 & 50, I noticed that men in their 40s weren't usually interested in responding to my e-mails (that is, until I wrote to my future husband, who was 43 at the time).

He told me he was just looking for someone he was attracted to and felt comfortable with. Is this how other men feel too? Let me hear your thoughts. I'm a dating coach now and help women have more success with dating after age 40, and they're always asking me about this phenomenon.