Friday, May 21, 2010


I can't tell you how many single, divorced, and widowed women tell me that men often find them intimidating. They say that, in their experience, many men over 40 aren't comfortable with a woman who's been independent (on her own) for a while. They sometimes feel insecure and wonder if she's "out of their league".

And here's what some guys tell me:
1)They're put off by a woman who's travelled the world or had a high-powered career because they don't think she'd look up to him or be impressed by him.
2)They're not sure how to deal with a woman who has a full, happy life because they wonder where they'd fit into her life or how they could ever feel needed by or important to her.

These are legitimate concerns, and they make sense. But do they really ring true? My guess is that, rather than intimidating, it's more the case that men find women confusing and complicated. And, if a woman has a different kind of life experience, education, or success story than they do, they're not sure how to approach her, talk to her, and impress her.

What do you think, guys? Am I totally off-base? Even close? Sort of in the ballpark? I'd love to hear your take on educate myself and to help make it easier for my single women clients to understand and accept you. This sure would make dating and relating a lot easier for both men and women, wouldn't it?

Drop me a line and let me know what you think. Have you ever felt intimidated when getting to know a new woman? If so, why? And what do women need to know about you that would make things flow better in this regard?

Thanks in advance for your input!