Monday, November 27, 2017


Ever wondered what the heck a dating coach is and does? Well, now may be the time to find out...while also taking advantage of big savings on this service just in time for the holidays! 

Today through December 15, 2017, I'm offering a 50% discount on a 1-hour dating coaching session--usually $80 but now just $40--or on writing an online dating profile--usually $40 but now $20!

A dating coach, like any other coach, is someone who supports people in fine-tuning a skill (namely, dating) and keeps them on track with their goal (ie, finding a compatible partner). In other words, I help folks be more comfortable and ultimately more successful in the dating world--no matter how long they've been away from it or how uncertain they are of their chances for success.

Over the last 12 years, I've guided hundreds of single, divorced, and widowed people of all ages to places and ways to cross paths with like-minded singles their age. I counsel and moral support them in trying new dating strategies and finding venues for meeting available people--which includes everything from online dating sites to singles groups/activities and clubs or organizations focused on their hobbies.

I'll even help them write their online dating profile and/or the initial emails they send to desirable prospects on dating websites. 

I highly recommend my clients use all 3 of these methods--online dating, singles activities, and hobby groups--consistently at the same time in order to maximize their chances of meeting compatible matches. 

I know these methods work because I successfully used all of them myself over the years since my divorce--and have met some very close matches, my 2nd husband, and now the love of my life. You can too! 

I personalize a dating strategy for each client, based on his or her interests, passions, age, and location--steering them to places, websites, groups, or activities they might never have heard of. I make it my business to stay abreast of these options, so I can ensure clients create a more active dating life. 

I'm proud to say many of my clients go on (after 1 or 2 sessions with me) to enjoy the dating world a lot more--which in many cases leads them to get more dates with people who are more their type. Some even find "the one" after just a few months!

Coaching is a great gift for yourself or for a single man or woman you might know! Contact me a to get a GIFT CERTIFICATE for someone special or to set up a session for yourself very soon...just in time to find a date for New Year's Eve! 

Just drop me a note at I look forward to helping!!