Wednesday, December 16, 2015


At this holiday time of year, many faiths and cultures focus on peace, joy, and love--three of the most precious gifts we all seek in our lives--and all wonderful attributes to aspire to cultivate all year round.

For those of us who are single, it is especially important to strive for inner peace and to bring more joy into our lives as we endeavor to grow in self-love...because loving yourself fully is a prerequisite for finding a partner who loves you too. 

As the "Law of Attraction" says, WE NEED TO BE WHO WE WANT TO ATTRACT.
And there's nothing more attractive than a person who's coming from a place of love every day. 

A perfect holiday goal is to do your best to spread love everywhere you go--to be as generous, kind, and compassionate as you can in your dealings with all the people you encounter. Not just family and friends but also neighbors, coworkers, folks at the gym or grocery store, strangers you pass on the street...even those sometimes-exasperating drivers on the road. 

When you give love, you feel more loving. You emanate kindness vibes. And others can feel those vibrations and will gravitate to you as a result. You're a joy to be around.

So...if you're looking for love for the new year, start now to be more loving. Smile more. Seek out ways to help others. Volunteer. Be more patient and supportive with people at work and home. Look for opportunities to motivate and inspire those who are discouraged or despondent. 

It's true that the gift of yourself always comes back to you tenfold. You'll be uplifted, joyous, and inspired to give even more. And the circle of love will expand.

So much so that it could very well draw in that wonderful partner you've been wishing for!

May your holidays be filled with peace, joy, and LOVE!!