Monday, December 10, 2018

Superb Photos Are KEY for Success With Online Dating

A client emailed me recently to say she was told by eHarmony that they wouldn't send her any more matches unless she uploaded another photo. She already had two posted but was advised to add a third. Obviously, the site has determined that it's not worth putting any more effort into finding matches for this 60+ lady unless the men viewing her profile get to see a wider variety of photos.

Interesting! I've always advised clients to post as many good photos as they could, including both well-lit closeups of them smiling (preferably shot professionally) and candid photos of them pursing their hobbies. But not until now have I heard a dating website refuse to help a paying client unless a certain photo quota was met (Ironic note: eHarmony clients pay more than they would to join most other dating sites).

In my experience with online dating a few years back, I definitely learned that more photos are better than less. It's a good idea to post several shots that give those perusing profiles a nice overview of your life and interests. It's fun for folks to learn more about you through a photo montage.

In addition to that excellent head shot with a warm, sincere smile, it's good for women to have a flattering full-body photo in a dress or skirt--looking pretty and feminine, which is very appealing to male prospects. And it's a great idea for a man to post a full-body photo of himself in a suit or nice outfit in addition to casual shots. Women love to envision how he might look when picking her up for a date going to a nice restaurant, concert, or play.

I've been telling clients for many years that great photos are also super-important because they're often the only thing anyone looks at when scrolling through online profiles. If someone isn't initially attracted to what he or she sees in your photos, he or she believes there's no reason to look at the rest of your profile. 

Then, if you look exactly like your photos when you meet, you've got a MUCH better chance of progressing further into the getting-to-know you dating process. If your photos are old, blurry, boring, or not representative of the current you, you've pretty much wasted your time, energy, and money trying to date online. In fact, research shows these interesting facts about online photos:

- First opinions are formed in less than 1/10th of a second (so your primary photo/closeup needs to be outstanding!)
- Full-body shots increase the number of messages you get by 203%
- A shot of you participating in one of your interests is the 2nd most important shot to post with your profile
- A photo of you with one or two other people or a with a pet (if you're a man) is the 3rd most important shot
- A travel or hobby shot is the 4th most important shot

With this info in mind, you can greatly increase your chances of success with online dating. It worked for me, and I'm betting it'll work for you too! 

P.S. I'd be happy to moral support and guide you through the process of profile creation, including recommending a good photographer, if you drop me a note at