Thursday, June 30, 2016

The 4 Most-Important Strategies for Successful Dating Online After Divorce

I’m an over-60 woman, amicably divorced twice, who found love three times via online dating in the 17 years after my 16-year first marriage ended. 

My friends always tell me they knew I’d find the right man for me after divorce because of 4 primary strategies I used with Internet dating:
11. I stayed positive (never got negative about men, even when less-than-desirable ones wrote me emails)
22. I truly believed in myself & my chances of finding love (never let “meet & greet” get-togethers that didn’t work out affect my self-opinion or confidence)
33. I initiated email contact (never let fear or outdated dating traditions hinder me from reaching out to men I felt were good matches for me—something many women online are hesitant to do)
44. I persevered (never got discouraged or gave up looking, even at times when the process challenged my sense of hopefulness)

I married my first husband at age 25 and divorced at 41 after raising two children and running a business together. I dated a variety of men over the next 8 years and then, at age 50, met a great guy through an online dating site who, almost a year to the day we met, became my second husband. 

Our marriage ended after 7 years (when I was 58), but we remained friends and still are today. Then, 4 months later, I began dating a very close match (who I also met online), and we were together almost 2 years. Finally, 8 months after I broke that off, I met the love of my life on…and our relationship grows deeper every day. We've been together almost 17 months. We're both 62.

I'm convinced that this type of success is possible for anyone who puts in the time and effort to use the online dating tool to maximum advantage. I counsel people in how to do that and would love to help YOU! No matter what your age or relationship history.

Let's talk...and brainstorm about dating strategies to attract love into YOUR life. What are you waiting for?