Monday, August 7, 2017

The Best Online Dating Sites

Clients always ask which online dating sites I recommend. The answer is: it depends on who you are and what type of person you're looking for.

If you're over 50, I can recommend sites specializing in that age group. If you're Christian or Jewish, I can steer you to the best sites for meeting other Christian or Jewish people. If you're seeking a spiritual partner, someone who loves pets, an environmentally minded person, or someone like you who is into art or an active lifestyle, there are sites specifically for singles in those categories too. There are even sites for disabled singles and those who are deaf.

My job is to direct you to the site where you're more likely to find a close match. And I have a list of over 50 sites I can share with you if you call or drop me an email (267-245-3023;

Today, I'd just like to tell you about the sites that are the busiest--that is, they get the highest numbers of monthly visitors. So you're more likely to see new faces all the time and have new possibilities to write to on a regular basis. 

As of February, 2017, the statistics were:
1. -- 3.2 million visitors per month
2. eHarmony -- 1.2 million visitors per month
3. Zoosk -- 1.1 million visitors per month
4. Our Time -- 879,376 visitors per month
5. Elite Singles -- 53, 984 visitors per month 

Other interesting facts about
- The site says "travel" is by far the most common term its members use in their profiles, and "down to earth" is also used frequently.'s biggest group of users is age 25-44, but there are also millions of older singles on the site as well.

And don't forget Plenty of Fish, which was acquired by the Match Group in 2015. It has 100 million users worldwide, 3.5 million active daily users, and 50,000 new signups every day. It says it creates 1 million new relationships every year. I always recommend POF because it's easy to use, free, and that's where I met my partner.

If you'd like a short consultation about which online dating sites are best for you, let's talk! I'm always happy to help!  

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